Northeast's Leading Mercedes Benz Collision Repair Center


Welcome to Hollis Auto Body Center, your premier destination for certified collision repairs. At our facility, we exclusively utilize authentic Mercedes-Benz parts, supported directly by the manufacturer. Our team of skilled technicians undergoes rigorous training to master the precise application of Mercedes Benz factory-approved repair equipment, tools, and cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing that each repair adheres to the highest standards. With our certified technicians employing advanced welding, riveting, and bonding techniques, we ensure not only the structural integrity but also the long-term safety of your vehicle.



As one of the few Certified Aluminum Repair Facilities in the country to repair structural and non-structural damage, Hollis meets the rigorous demands of aluminum body repair.  Our roster of tools, special welding systems and finishing booths have been designed to meet Mercedes Benz’s demanding requirements.

Repair Process

Whatever the extent of damage to your vehicle, Hollis will restore it to pre-accident condition using factory parts. We will manage all filings with your insurance carrier to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standards. You’ll see the Hollis difference the moment your car is returned to you. Hollis restored vehicles look better, last longer and maintain their form and finish longer.


Hollis has a dedicated building for certified aluminum repair and refinishing. Our technicians are second to none and undergo extensive training in the painting process. Our use of tinting and blending techniques ensures the finish is to pre-accident condition. We adhere to Mercedes Benz standards that use factory specified primer and paint during the refinishing process.

Dedicated Area

Aluminum repairs are amongst the most demanding in the industry and require self-contained areas to prevent cross-contamination with steel particles. Manufacturer certification for aluminum repair requires a significant investment in equipment, ongoing training, and facility modifications. Our manufacturer certified equipment, including state of the art aluminum welding devices, isolation booths and repair tools are housed in the most technically advanced auto body repair facility in New England.

For aluminum repairs, we have a separate building specifically designated aluminum repair areas to prevent cross-contamination with steel particles – ensuring proper repair and maintain factory certifications

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